About Us

Who are we?

We’re the team behind the highly-respected children’s label, UCA Music. We draw upon thirty years experience working with children, musicians, and educators to bring you My Amazing Music Box. Our inspiration is to offer families, early childhood centres, and schools the best recordings via one safe, ad-free site that’s easy and fun to use.

My Amazing Music Box gives you access to an extensive library of songs, creative dance music, and nature recordings categorized to suit your children's developmental needs.

Teachers and parents

CD's of our music can be purchased from our sister website UCA Music. From there you can also download Free Books for many of our albums containing lyrics, teaching and activity notes.

How does our site work?

My Amazing Music Box uses on-demand streaming. The songs are streamed from our server in Texas and are then stored in the cache of your computer for instant replay. So you only stream the song once and do not use bandwidth with each playing - unless you choose to clear your computer's cache.

This makes My Amazing Music Box ideal for pre-schools, kindies, primary schools etc where continuous or repetitive playing is desired. Should you have and further technical queries, please contact us.